Emily & Siren

“It’s important to ‘adopt different’ because sometimes it’s the animal that you least expect that you’ll have the bigger connection with,” - Emily. 

While volunteering at Kiwi’s New Life Bird Rescue, Emily had no idea that she was about to meet her perfect, feathery match. Siren, an Indian Ringneck, first approached Emily out of the cage while she was giving it a clean, then jumped on her shoulder and has stayed there ever since.

After four short weeks of fostering Siren and quickly learning about her playful yet sassy personality, Emily decided to adopt her. Although she isn’t your typical household pet, Emily knew Siren was the bird for her. Providing Emily with endless amounts of kisses, laughter, play and unwavering support throughout the pandemic, Siren has made an unexpected impact in Emily’s life – all for the better and she couldn’t be happier.

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